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Sales Forecasting 

We have teamed up with the Society of American Florist's Career Connections to create an online course that will change the way you see and operate your flower business...

Get ready to start Forecasting Your Future!

What we will be doing together...

Time is money, so let's jump right in!

The Sales Forecasting course has 7 Modules. Each Module will contain anywhere from four to seven lessons or  components. Some will be a video component or PDF, and some will be screen share videos where we walk you through Excel spreadsheets step-by-step. Every 7 days a new Module will be released to you so you don't get too ahead of yourself.

Some Modules will be more involved than others, but they are all equally important and delivered an order to help make you a Master Forecaster.

We'll start out with Module 1, Introduction and Sales Histroy. Here we'll talk about the industry standard for a profitable flower shop and how your spending affects these margins, and how to create your all-important sales history.

In Module 2, you'll start Understanding Your Sales Spread. We'll teach you how to enter past sales into your Sales Spread & Goals spreadsheet. Then, you'll see how each month has its own personality and start to ponder your future sales goals.

Moving onto Module 3, you will  Create Your Annual and Monthly Sales Goals with a detailed tracking sheet to help you stay on your path.This will become your treasure map to your pot of gold.

Now in Module 4, things start to get real by Creating Your Monthly Forecast. This simple spreadsheet will also create your WEEKLY and even DAILY forecast. Yes, it's possible. And in time you'll be amazed at your forecasting abilities!

Daily Tracking of Actual Sales starts in Module 5 and this is where the fun begins. You'll start entering your ACTUAL  sales daily, check your month end sales and compare them to your goals. Powerful stuff!

In Module 6, you'll Create Next Month's Forecast. Now you are becoming an expert at your sales flow and you'll see how creating each forecast will become easier, quicker and better.

In our last Module, Sharing is Caring, your team will join you on your journey by implementing two very important methods: The Daily Sales Board and The Morning Meeting. With these tools you'll create incredible communication, confidence, teamwork and respect.


In each Module, you'll be creating something for your business, something manageable and worthwhile.

Mostly we're reflecting, thinking and planning with a lot of learning. Remember each Module is a step that will help you right away.

The important thing is to just focus on the current step, that's all. And then in a few weeks you'll have traveled light years. You'll learn the fingertip controls that we used to steer our business, develop our staff and helped us break our micromanaging habits, ....well, mostly.

By the end of the Forecasting Your Future Program, you'll be in a great position to make sound spending decisions and manage your Cost of Goods, Wages and Overhead Expenses in REAL TIME! 

And that will drive profit.

You'll have the structure needed for growth, staff development and owner flexibility. It took us about four years to refine these systems. Remember to take it one Module at a time, one step at a time...Let's get started!

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